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There are a TON of amazing tools, websites, and resources out there. I've used many, and am always looking for the newest and greatest options available.  

These just happen to be my favorites (for now).

  • I need help managing tasks and keeping up with requests
    Asana is amazing! I use it now, and I've used it at my last several organizations. It's got enough features to do what I need without a lot of 'fluff'. You have the ability to use different layouts so that your tasks make sense to you. If you like checklist, no problem. If you prefer a visual layout (sticky note style), they can do that too.
  • Scheduling and managing clients has been overwhelming
    SimplePractice is my top recommendation for a simple (it's in the name!), out of the box client management system. You can schedule, bill (private pay as well as insurance), send/receive communications with clients and plenty more without needing a computer science degree to figure out what you're doing. Oh! Another perk is that you can merge your appointments from Simple Practice onto your apple or google calendars.
  • Emails, Calendars, and Video Meetings...oh my!"
    Google Workspace is where it's at for an affordable all in one integrated platform where you can store documents securely, manage your email (and create email groups), set up a digital phone line, and a lot more *I do actually get referral points for this one.
  • I could really use some custom forms
    Cognito! Super user friendly, simple to set up and customize forms for anything you could possibly need. You can also create your beautiful forms and add them to your personal/company website if you want!
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