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Panic! At The Paper Shredder

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Sooo......If you're like ANY of the therapists, clinicians (and #entrepreneurs) I've worked with in the past, you're probably fantastic at doing whatever it is that you do. Working with clients, selling your services, talking to people, or promoting your brand. However, you might not be super great at following/finishing up on the boring parts of business. Paperwork. Never. Ending. Paperwork (even if it's digital). Yuck! Stupid paperwork doesn't make money! Meeting with clients and making sales calls makes money!!!!!

The skills and temperament needed to be a kick-ass, detail-oriented "admin person" are not the same skills and temperament needed to be a kick-ass therapist or chiropractor or salesperson or web-designer.

A few years ago, I had a very enlightening conversation with a manager: I was frustrated because I felt that others weren't keeping records and documentation up to date, resulting in confusion for everyone, and extra work for my team. It wasn't until my boss pointed out that keeping up all the nitty-gritty detail stuff was easy...for me. My brain functions like one (or multiple) giant checklist(s). Paying attention to (caring about) documentation was NOT easy for our sales reps. They shone bright like diamonds when they were in front of a client, giving a pitch, or closing a deal. They could rattle off pricing and numbers and RPI (or something...IDK...I'm not the sales rep!) like the alphabet song, but ask them to fill out a form and they melted into the floor like a tired toddler.

Turns out, it's kinda not realistic for everyone to be good at everything. It also turns out that what works when you're first starting out - doing everything yourself - doesn't work once you're leveling up. Maybe you could keep up with 20 clients all by yourself, but somewhere after that 25th client, things started falling through the cracks. Maybe you're ready to only work 40 hours per week. Maybe you want to spend your nights and weekends with, I don't know, your friends, pets or family?

Every(little)thing is gonna be alright

If you've gotten to a place where you just want to be able to focus on the parts of your business you're passionate about, consider who is on your team. Just because you CAN do something yourself doesn't mean you HAVE to do it yourself. That hour you spent making sure your three new clients signed their contracts could have been spent making connections with three more new clients...if you had someone else to keep track of that stuff.

The ROI of delegation increases as your business grows. Don't get caught in the small business trap of getting bogged down in details.

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