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I'm Dreaming Of A....Freaking Day Off...Just Like The Ones I Used To Know

Dashing through the snow (or not, this is North Texas after all...that will come in February after several weeks of 80+ weather)

cabin with snow on the ground and ski equipment
I want to go to there

Today we're talking about the upcoming holiday season, and what that can mean for a small business owner who provides services vs. products. Specifically, you're not putting up Black Friday deals for therapy or adjustments. Your rates are set, your time is finite.

To Grandmother's House We Go

If you only see clients in-person, you may be thinking about switching to a virtual practice, at least for the next few months when school schedules and holiday travel and weather may create difficulties for your practice. If you're lucky (or just need a break), you may have the option to close your practice for a few weeks and just reset for the New Year. If you're one of those lucky few, you may feel conflicted about taking time for yourself/your family, and missing out on client needs. Maybe you just want to work half days and spend the rest of your time taking care of the bazillion and a half tasks that pile up in November and December. Maybe you're planning to recreate National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation by creating unforgettable moments with your nearest and dearest. Either way, you don't want to come back to a ton of missed calls and grumpy clients.

Silent Night

If you're concerned with maintaining a professional boundary with clients, you may not want to 'invite them' into your holiday plans by disclosing your personal schedule. You may want to keep the office lights burning (figuratively) by having phone coverage during your normal office hours while giving your full-time admin staff additional time off. Side Note:If you don't typically give your admins more than just major holidays off, please reconsider...having been the ONLY person stuck sitting in an empty office on Christmas Eve (none of the clinicians were seeing clients that day...but we hAd tO STaY oPeN) when I would have happily answered the one phone call I received between 8 am and 5 pm from my own home since, you know, computers and call forwarding exist. Let me tell you, I was not feeling particularly merry during my drive home. If banks are closed, and insurance companies are closed and you're not expecting to receive a ton of time-sensitive mail....LET YOUR PEOPLE GO home early.

All Is Calm

The flip side of giving your hard working staff a few extra days/hours of time off is either having to take calls yourself...or outsource! Guess what option I'm going to recommend...Booking someone like me to answer the phones remotely during the winter holidays. Not only will you (and your team) get a well deserved rest, but all those clients who are now desperate to see someone after spending 'quality time' with their families can get on your schedule right away!

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